Scegliere la via delle erbe significa dedicare del tempo alla cura e consapevolezza del funzionamento del proprio corpo. Significa intraprendere un viaggio che ti porta più vicino alla natura, alla Terra. Tutte le tradizioni antiche ritenevano che osservare e meditare nella natura era la chiave d’accesso alla vera conoscenza.

Al giorno d’oggi c’è molta informazione su internet, ma per lo più le erbe vengono discusse o prescritte come se fossero prodotti farmaceutici: in maniera sintomatica. Il che va bene, laddove c’è una malattia alle volte c’è il rischio che il corpo degeneri, e un forte intervento sintomatico è necessario.

Ma il sentiero delle erbe è diverso: è un percorso che comporta un cambiamento nel modo in cui percepisci o vedi la vita, di come la vivi. Si prendono le erbe con consapevolezza, ascoltandosi e dedicando del tempo alla guarigione del corpo e dell’anima. È un percorso lento, ma ricco e pieno. È un’aprirsi all’essere, al godere e all’amare. È come una danza: non danzi per arrivare alla fine della musica! Danzi per danzare, per vivere, per gioire! 

Seeing the Medical Herbalist


Seeing the Medical Herbalist is about taking time to explore your state of being on many levels. 

A full health history is taken at your first consultation, to evaluate your general state of health and constitution. If there are any health issues, they will be looked into and if you have had any medical test, it is good to bring the most recent results with you and take notes of the past ones.

We will look at your general lifestyle, your sleep patterns, what, when and how you eat, your social life and how do you feel in yourself in general.

There is time to being listened to, to check in on how you feel, what is happening at this time in your life. 

After the general evaluation, a blend of herbs will be suggested in the form of a tincture, herbal tea, bath or cream, according to your needs.

Herbs can support you on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. On a physical level they contain many compounds that support our body functions and many vitamins, mineral and antioxidants that rejuvenate and tonify our organs and tissues. They are little helpers that can inspire and whisper at your ears to direct you back to your inner home. If you are on medication, potential interactions are always taken into account in the composition of the herbal blends.

I have helped people with many health conditions. Herbs, together with some work on self awareness and changes in your mind and lifestyle, can help controlling and keeping at bay chronic conditions, they can balance hormones, modulate the immune and endocrine system and support the various system and organs of your body. Wherever the health condition is considered not curable, herbs, mild exercise, meditation and creative activities can do a lot in supporting and improving your lifestyle and feeling better in yourself. 

To take the herbal path is an investment in self awareness and self care, and it’s a journey that can bring you closer to Earth and nature. All ancient traditions believe in the concept that Nature heals and that life wisdom and deep knowledge resides in nature and its rhythms.

There is much information on the web, and nowadays  herbs are mostly advertised and prescribed as you would a pharmaceutical drug: symptomatically. This is ok, as sometimes symptoms are difficult to cope with, and the disease can degenerate your tissues and organs.

But the herbal path is different: it is about changing your lifestyle, increasing awareness, taking the herbs with mindfulness, dedicating some time to heal. It is about change.  It is a slow path, that spirals down towards the centre of your being. While you spiral down, you gradually expand your consciousness and enrich your knowledge and wisdom. It is about opening up to being, enjoying and loving. It is like dancing, and dance is not about arriving anywhere, we don’t want the music to end to arrive somewhere! We want to live it and enjoy it!